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North American Tour with iVardensphere

Shots from the 18 city North American Tour...  In November of 2010 we joined our friends iVardensphere, an industrial group that is inspired by tribal rhythms, as they opened for Aesthetic Perfection and Combichrist in venues across the United States and Canada. We travelled just under 23,000 km in one month and played from coast to coast. This project was an experimental amalgamation of primal sounds and industrial EBM. 

These photos were taken by Brandon Wu in Minneapolis, MN and Julien Larmay in Austin, TX.  We thank them both for letting us use them on our website.

We Practice

...the Art of Taiko in Booming Joy style. Whatever you play, whenever you play, play with joy.

Haiku Randomness

Booming tree wakes joy

Mountain calls heart of earth

We are one small thing

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